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Full Foundational Service

Mascore is your One-Stop-Shop for all foundation needs.

Our wide range of installation equipment allows us to adapt to any environment from tight access corridors to extreme sloping embankments.


Notice that something may be wrong with an existing foundation on your property? Schedule an inspection today with one of our team members to see if helical piles can solve your issues.


Big crack in your foundation? Doors and windows not closing properly? Visible cracks in your walls? These are obvious signs that a repair is needed. Our wide range of foundation products and installation services will get your building back in service.


Having successfully completed thousands of helical pile installs, our certified installers know what it takes to get your project done. Our comprehensive planning, teamwork and close attention to detail are what sets us apart.


From walk-behind skid steers to 30t excavators, we have the expertise to rig out any piece of equipment with an engine and a hydraulic pump to install helical pile foundations. We also provide hand-install equipment for more location-limited projects.


Our core belief with engineering is that we provide our clients with the most value possible and being extremely detailed allows own design team to provide you with a foundation design that will save your project time and money.


Want to learn how to install helical piles? Enroll in Mascore’s helical pile training for a fun day of learning all about helical piles. We tailor our training to our client's needs to ensure you are comfortable installing helical piles before you leave us!


We take great pride that all of our products are designed and made in Ontario, by Ontario workers, using steel made in Ontario.


We provide custom fabrication in our helical pile shop. Have a need for something outside of our products line? Contact us today to see how we can help!


Sales & Supplies

We supply helical piles to deck builders, landscape contractors, and large-scale construction outfits. We stock standard-size piles and custom fabricate to suit.

Equipment Rentals

Do you want to try and install helical piles yourself? We offer equipment rentals for residential and commercial projects.

Residential Deck Foundation
Brant, Ontario

Who We Serve

Mascore offers helical pile expertise in three core product lines — Residential, Commercial and Industrial — and have completed projects across Southern Ontario and supplied products across North America. We are committed to superior quality, value and complete customer satisfaction by developing collaborative relationships with clients, designers, partners, subcontractors and suppliers.

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We're looking for dealers and installers that would partner with us in serving thousands of clients across North America. We provide foundational supplies and equipment, both for sale and rentals for any type of project you or your client needs.


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