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What is a Helical Pile?


Residential Applications


Providing residential installation services such as house foundations, garages/sheds, and much, much more.

Commercial use of helical anchors and foundation screws


Design, installation, supply and load testing of
commercial helical anchors.

Helical Pile and Screw Posts for Decks in Ontario and Toronto, Canada

Helical piles, which are sometimes referred to as helical piers, helical anchors, and posts, are a screw-in pile used to build deep foundation systems and ground anchoring systems. A helical pile consists of a central shaft (circular or square) and a helix plate(s). The helix plates are press-formed with a predetermined pitch to resemble a screw are welded to the shaft. They are fabricated in various sizes and configurations to meet different types of loading and logistical requirements. The size and configuration of a helical pile is based on the design load the pile will carry, the existing soil conditions, the corrosiveness of the existing soils and the service life of the structure.

These are used to transfer loading from a structure to deeper and more competent soil conditions. The load is transferred from the shaft to the helix plate(s) which is driven below grade into the strongest possible soil conditions. The helical pile is “screwed” into the ground by a high torque/low speed hydraulic drive motor which can be attached to numerous types of equipment including an excavator, skid steer, etc. Helical piles are unaffected by the presence of a high water table and caving soil conditions.

They offer and versatile and efficient alternative to traditional systems and can be used in a variety of applications.

Benefits of Using Helical Anchors 

  • Helical piles are cost effective when compared to other systems.
  • High loading capacities. A single pile can support up to 50 tons.
  • Capacity is determined during installation. Once a pile is installed, our clients immediately know the capacity of the pile.
  • No mess. No spoil produced during installation.
  • Eliminate concrete curing time and formwork.
  • Fast installation compared to other types of systems. A foundation consisting of 20 piles can be installed in 1 day.
  • Can be installed in high water table situations.
  • Resistant to frost heave.
  • Can be installed when unstable and caving/sloughing soil conditions are present.
  • Small installation equipment allows helical piles to be installed in areas with limited access.
  • Can be installed all year around in all weather conditions.
  • Can be installed on battered angles to counteract lateral forces.
  • Quiet and vibration free installation.
  • Galvanization can be used to combat corrosive soil condition to extend the service life of a structure.
  • Minimizes disturbance in environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Reduces amount of truck trips to and from a job site.
  • Though modern, this system is well understood by local governments and is compliant with building code regulations.

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I’ve worked with Mascore for three years now and it’s been a game changer for my company. Not only do they offer a superior product at a competitive price but they also provide great service. I highly recommend them to contractors and homeowners alike.


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It was a pleasure working with the guys from Mascore. As a builder, it’s important that I can trust subcontractors to complete a job to the specifications, on time and without constant management. Mascore will be the only Helical Pile installers that I call for future projects and will continue to refer them to homeowners and other professionals.