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Helical Piles for Dock Piers

Build Docks That Last Using Helical Piles

Secure — Sturdy dock posts even in boggy terrain and sand.
Long Lasting — Galvanized steel to resist rot and corrosion.
Safe — No more hammering posts.


Underpinning in urban housing.

Long Lasting

 Ideal for soft soil conditions.


Minimizes excavation and waste disposal.

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Docks Need Stability and Longevity that Wood Doesn't Offer

A dock is a great way to access your boat or personal watercraft, but you to make sure it's stable. The traditional way to install a dock is with wood posts or steel piles that are hammered into the ground, but this process can be difficult and time-consuming. Soft, boggy soil loosens over time, and the wood begins to deteriorate, which means you will need ongoing repairs.

Installing helical piles is the solution. Our screw piles are made of galvanized steel that is screwed into the ground until the necessary torque capacity is reached — providing solid support for your dock. Not only are screw piles easier to install, but they guarantee stability for years to come.

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Building a Dock with Helical Piles? We Have Everything You Need


We supply helical piles to deck builders, landscape contractors, and large-scale construction firms. No franchising rights are needed.


Our phone is always on. We are available to walk you through any training you need to install helical piles for your clients — on-site or practising at home.


From multi-powered torque heads to excavators, we can outfit your installation with everything you need.

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Build On Experience

We have over 15 years of experience in residential, commercial and industrial helical pile foundation installations, underpinning and repairs. Our knowledge of geotechnical engineering and soil conditions gives us the tools we need to provide you with the expertise you can build on.

Get Started with Helical Piles

The first step in getting started with helical piles is a phone call. Based on the size of your project, a Mascore foundation professional will recommend the appropriate screw pile size and quantity for your job. Installing your screw piles takes only a few hours with no excavation or damage to your job site. 

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Marine Foundations Using Helical Piles

  • Boathouses
  • Boat Elevators
  • Coastal Building Sites

A More Reliable Post

Most dock builders hammer wooden posts into the ground to the same depth, regardless of the soil type. The problem with doing this is that it doesn’t take into account different types of soil — some lakes consist of soft sand, while others have soft mud or clay. This inconsistency may lead to the foundation shifting over time and warping the dock. 

Helical piles offer a more robust solution. By measuring a torque readout on each pile as you screw posts deeper, you are able to ensure consistency throughout the dock’s foundation, regardless of the soil condition. Moreover, with galvanized steel screw piles, the dock will be stronger and more resistant to corrosion for years to come

Advantages of Helical Piles

Reduce Your Commuting Time

Helical piles help move your project to completion quickly. Unlike concrete, helical piles do not require time to dig out or set, allowing you to continue working without delays.

Installed All Year Round

Concrete requires a temperature >5°C to cure, which means that most dock builders cannot start on your project until late in spring. We build our docks with helical piles, which provide a solution for your project to start early. Get ahead of the summer rush and enjoy your outdoor living lifestyle to its fullest this summer.

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Installing Helical Piles

Residential Foundations with Helical Piles

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is dock piling?

A dock piling is a large post or pole driven into the ground to provide stability for structures built over water. Ensuring that you have quality dock pilings is essential for maintaining the integrity of your dock.

How do you put a post in water on the dock?

A pile driver is used to drive the pile into the lake bottom and screw it deeper until a specified torque has been achieved. The reading on the torque ensures that dock posts will provide a solid foundation of support. Piles may be put in place in sequence to create a base for an excavation machine to travel further into the water.

How deep should helical piles be for a dock?

Typically, a minimum of 4 feet is required for helical piles. Metal screw piles, unlike concrete posts that must be installed only the frost line, must be driven deep enough to reach the torque requirement and below the frost line. The depth required to satisfy the torque threshold is determined by the type of soil in which helical piles are placed.

How many pilings are on a dock?

Depending on the size, the dock may have between 8 and 24 pilings, but that can vary depending on the design and location.

What happens if the soil is soft?

If the helical piles are in very soft soil, extension bars will be needed to allow the helix anchor to reach the required torque load.

What are CCMC Certified Screw Piles?

In Canada, the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) is a government-operated service that verifies building materials such as metal helical piles. Building with CCMC-approved materials gives you a safe and stable foundation for your project, as well as compliance with local building regulations. Mascore is a licensed maker of spiral piles approved by the CCMC.

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