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Decks Foundations

Building a deck or putting in a new porch? Are you looking to make sure you do it right, within budget and on time? Mascore's helical piles are the best foundation available to help you start your outdoor living space project. Home owners and contractors can build or repair decks and porches effortlessly and be guaranteed a strong, stable and a structure that will last for years.

Dealers and Installers

We're looking for dealers and installers that would partner with us in serving thousands of clients across North America. We provide foundational supplies and equipments both for sale and rentals for any type of project you or your clients need.


why choose us

Installing right is important. Installing right at the start is critical.



We work with the top deck builders in North America and have installed solid helical pile foundations for 1000’s of decks.


We are covered from permitting to project closeout making sure your deck project goes smoothly. On budget and on time.


Start building your deck the same day the foundation is installed even during the cold Canadian winter months.


Helping you start off your deck project and protect your investment with a solid helical pile foundation.

Residential Deck Foundation
Brant, Ontario

Equipment Rentals

Are you a confident DIYer and want to try and install helical piles yourself? We offer equipment rentals for residential and commercial projects.

Things Mascore Has Learned From Being In Deck Business

Although MHP doesn’t do any of the actual deck building, we have been a part of 1000’s of deck projects. We are typically part of the project from Permit Opening to Permit closing as our engineering documentation is required to open and close a permit.

Due to this we have seen a lot of the problems that can go along with a deck project.

  1. Order your utility locates early. This is the number one reason we see deck projects getting delayed. If you are a homeowner we recommend that you apply for utility locations as soon as you decide to move forward with the project. Keep in mind that they are only valid for 30 days so you may have to reapply if you do not have your work complete within the 30 day timeframe. Obtaining utility locates is free by contacting Ontario 1 Call (or your local utility locates supplier if you are located outside Ontario).

  2. Ensure you are working with a certified contractor. We have heard many terrible stories about homeowners having bad experiences with contractors. Ask your contractor for a list of references before working with them. You can also ask us for a recommendation as we work with some of the best deck contractors in Ontario! Also ensure all required insurances are in place and valid.

  3. Plan ahead - Good contractors book up fast. We have heard about clients waiting up to a year to work with a certain contractor. Its never too early to start planning a deck project!

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