About Mascore

Install it once, install it right!


Based out of Brantford, Ontario, Mascore Helical Piles specializes in the design, supply and installation of helical pile foundations and residential foundation repair. Servicing all of Ontario, Mascore Helical Piles will travel far distances to meet our client’s foundation needs. We are on call at all times to consult for our clients with any foundation and helical pile questions they may have. A foundation is the most important component to any structure and Mascore Helical Piles is here to deal with all of the unknowns involved.

Mascore Helical Piles has over 10 years of experience in the residential, commercial and industrial helical pile foundation, helical pile underpinning and foundation repair sectors. Our knowledge of geotechnical engineering and understanding of soil conditions give us the tools we need to provide our clients with the helical pile foundation solution needed. Our Project Management teams have the experience and skills to ensure that our client’s budget and schedule needs are met. Our Installation Teams have the experience and skills to combat any challenges thrown their way during the install process. Our Engineering Team utilizes years of industry experience to provide our clients with practical and economical designs.

Our philosophy on quality control is to install it right and install it once. All project specific quality standards are taken into account to ensure the end product meets or exceeds the requirements of our client. Our familiarity with the industry standards and specification with regards to helical piles give us the tools to consult and educate our clients when quality is at stake. Our many years of installing gives us the experience to be able to install a quality helical pile.

Mascore Helical Piles puts the safety of their staff and subcontractors at the top of their priority list. These values start with the owners of the company and are expressed to every employee and subcontractor. Mascore Helical Piles is committed to providing and maintaining safe work sites for all of their employees and subcontractors. Our safe work plans and procedures, which have been developed by both Management and front line workers together over the years, give our employees the tools needed to complete any project in a safe manner. Our number 1 goal at Mascore Helical Piles is to have all members of our team arrive home to their families at the end of each work day.

Trust Our Experience

Our over 10 years of experience in helical pile installation, foundation underpinning and repairs ensure we exceed customer expecations and can adapt to nearly any challenge.


Quality Installations

We meet or exceed all our client, regulatory and industry standards for quality, with a focus on ‘Installing it once, ‘Installing it Right’.


Safety is our number one priority on our job sites. Ensuring our employees and sub-contractors go home each and every day to their families is our commitment.